It was just two days to Khushi’s birthday. She had the same feeling that she had last year around this time. She was excited but a little nervous as well…!!

The excitement was obvious – “Birthday gifts” – she was expecting to get many from her parents, grandparents , friends and so on. In fact, she had asked her father for a smart TV at their home a long time ago. She knew that her parents wouldn’t deny her a smart TV as a birthday gift, even though they did not intend to buy one during normal times.

But there was this nervousness also, and she couldn’t figure out where and why that came.

Well, as ususal, she went over to her “Answer-man” friend Joy’s house to find her answers…

“Welcome – Birthday girl,” Joy said as soon as he saw her. “I was just thinking of what gift to buy you this birthday and you have come. I’m confused, so best thing to do is take your help.”

Khushi smiled and said, “This is one thing, I will not help you with, however, I need your help on a matter I am not able to understand.” She explained that she has been nervous as well as excited about her birthday.

No one knew Khushi more than Joy, he immediately comforted Khushi and joked, “Birthdays are meant to be exciting for the birthday girl and nervous for others who have to buy the gifts and please her!”

On a more serious note, he said, I have also felt that until 3 years ago my grandpa understood my state and solved my problem forever…he asked me a few questions first –

• When was the last time your parents got you something which was a total surprise ?
• Do any of your friends keep talking about the latest gadget or toys or new clothes they bought recently?
• How do you perform if there is lot of pressure to score high marks in the subject you find most difficult ?
• Just try to recollect a gift or item you bought after requesting / pestering your parents a lot and didn’t use it /play with it much, once you had it.

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My grandpa said – just answer these in your mind and now I will give you the solution to why you are tense when commonly you should be at your happiest best !!

Just keep this in your mind,
A Birthday gift is best only when it’s a surprise.

  • Keep away from people who show off all the time, real friends never do that..
  • Have a great positive relationship with your parents, they spend their hard earned money for you…let them spend it with pride rather than pressure.
  • Take some time to decide what you want and what you don’t, what others have, you may not want and what you have, share it with others.
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So, lets not see our parents as money making machines. Adding true sense to spending the money wisely will multiply both money and happiness..

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Author: Mr. Nirmal M Jain | Mr. Nirmal M Jain is a Co-Founder at HappyWise Financial Services. He has helped over 100 Families over the last 15 years of his services in the Financial Planning Sector. He has been a mentor to several people to help them better understand investments, stocks, mutual funds, financial planning, personal finance and above all his favorite term “The Power Of Compounding!”. 

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