You guys would have many a times heard your elders say “Those were the good old days – when we were as young as you, they were great times !!”

Another familiar feeling they express “I wish we would have had as many resources/gadgets/money as you people now enjoy”

Well, both statements are really contradictory…one one hand the feeling is that the past was much better than now and on the other hand the expression is that resources were limited thus we were less happier than now…

Let me give you an example – just for a moment imagine a few changes in the way you lead your life now… suddenly there is no pressure to study and do well term after term and year after year, there are plenty of people in your joint family house (all your cousins now stay with you), there is plenty of time for everything (including a dip in the nearby pond), no one is really bothered about what you wear/eat/etc.(but there is a lot of care though),

Now 2 more things change – you have very limited resources, you no longer can go to your favourite multiplex to watch a movie or you no longer can buy the smartwatch that your friend has just bought and the second you no longer can enjoy the very addictive youtube videos you watch and also you can no longer watch your favourite Netflix series !!!

Just for a moment – replay your life in this scenario…

Think about what we all have been doing…and what we can actually do – can we evaluate our ways – can we make smart changes to combine the happiness of the past with abundant resources of the present and live great lives and have a wonderful future…YES you can.

Don’t stop watching movies or stop using your favourite gadget – use them moderately and to your advantage.  Above all, use your money wisely – evaluate atleast two times and spend and start saving (its not too early-trust me)

As wise as an owl.

Now let me tell you about a phrase I have heard very often from my friends/relatives – “ Give me another chance – I want to grow up once again” –  Shape your lives for the better now, thus you will never use this statement when you are an adult !!!

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