In Mr. Nilkani’s Success Formula, he shares his journey from financial struggles to a prosperous retirement by adopting a disciplined Mutual Fund Investment approach, overcoming challenges in the initial losses in the equity market, and ensuring a secure future for his family.

Last Friday evening, I had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Sandeep Nilkani during our office party. As one of the senior employees in our MNC consulting company, he shared insights into his impending retirement plans. With retirement just around the corner, I was keen to learn how he had meticulously prepared for this phase of life & about his family.

Mr. Nilkani's Success Formula -  A Journey from Financial Struggle to Prosperous Retirement

Mr. Nilkani, a seasoned professional, revealed that he has exciting plans for post-retirement, including the establishment of a private consulting firm, global exploration with his wife, and active engagement in social and philanthropic activities. His family consists of his wife, a government school teacher, his son who settled in a Singapore firm after graduating, and a daughter currently pursuing studies in corporate law.

What intrigued me most was Mr. Nilkani’s financial preparation for retirement. His secret, he shared, lies in maintaining a disciplined systematic investment approach in Mutual Funds. This strategy has not only funded his children’s education but is also set to meet his retirement cash flow needs.

However, Mr. Nilkani’s journey towards financial success was not without its challenges. Initially drawn to the equity market, he misconstrued it as a quick avenue for wealth creation. Engaging in intraday and overnight trading, he initially saw success with tips from a family friend. Unfortunately, a market
correction led to significant losses, nearly wiping out his capital.

In an attempt to recover, he succumbed to the temptation of a personal loan offer from a private financier, using the funds for derivative trading. The consequence was severe losses, leaving him broke and indebted. Recognizing the need for professional advice, he consulted his senior, who insisted on a meeting with his Mutual Fund Distributor friend.

Following the expert’s guidance, Mr. Nilkani continued with the EMI of the loan and initiated a small SIP in an equity mutual fund. Over time, as the EMI concluded, he redirected that amount into SIPs. Reviewing his portfolio after 5-7 years, he realized the wisdom of this approach. He pledged never to return to speculative trading, and to this day, he remains committed to SIPs.

Year after year, he increased the SIP amount in line with his annual increments and directed all bonuses into Mutual Fund equity schemes. What started as small initial investments has grown into substantial assets, ensuring the education of his children and providing him with a worry-free retirement outlook.

This encounter with Mr. Nilkani imparted a valuable lesson – equity investment is not a game for quick gains, rather it’s a marathon approach to build wealth over life. Professional guidance, patience, a long-term perspective, and faith in compounding are the true keys to becoming a successful investor.

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