Planning for retirement is a critical aspect of financial well-being, and the National Pension Scheme (NPS) in India has emerged as a powerful tool for individuals seeking long-term financial security. With its unique features and benefits, the NPS offers a wide array of advantages that make it an attractive option for retirement savings. In fact, recent statistics reveal that the popularity of the NPS is steadily growing, with over 4 crore individual subscribers and approximately 6 lakh corporate accounts as of September 2021. This surge in participation showcases the increasing recognition of the NPS as a reliable retirement solution.

NPS has generated impressive returns over the years. As of September 2021, the NPS Tier I returns for the past 10 years ranged between 9% to 11%, outperforming many other traditional investment avenues. Let us delve into the benefits of the National Pension Scheme:

1. Flexibility and Choice:

One of the key advantages of the NPS is the flexibility it provides to investors. Subscribers have the freedom to choose their investment options based on their risk appetite and financial goals. The NPS offers two investment choices: the Active Choice and the Auto Choice. Under Active Choice, subscribers can allocate their contributions among four asset classes – equities, corporate bonds, government securities, and alternative investment funds. On the other hand, the Auto Choice option automatically adjusts the asset allocation based on the subscriber’s age, gradually shifting from equities to debt instruments as retirement approaches.

2. Tax Benefits:

The NPS offers attractive tax benefits, making it an appealing investment avenue for individuals seeking to save taxes. Contributions made towards the NPS are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80CCD(1) of the Income Tax Act, up to a maximum of 10% of the individual’s salary (for salaried individuals) or 20% of their gross total income (for self-employed individuals). Additionally, an exclusive deduction of up to Rs. 50,000 is available under Section 80CCD(1B) over and above the limit of Section 80C, providing an added advantage for investors.

3. Low-Cost Structure:

NPS boasts a low-cost structure, which is particularly advantageous for individuals aiming to maximize their retirement savings. The scheme operates on a defined contribution basis, meaning that the amount invested by subscribers is used to accumulate wealth over time. The fund management charges for NPS are among the lowest in the industry, ensuring that a significant portion of the contribution goes directly into building a retirement corpus.

4. Professional Fund Management:

The NPS is managed by professional fund managers appointed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). These fund managers are responsible for investing the contributions in various asset classes to generate optimal returns. The presence of professional management ensures that the investments are handled by experts, mitigating the risk and improving the potential for wealth creation over the long term.

5. Transparency and Portability:

NPS offers transparency and portability, enabling subscribers to monitor and manage their investments effectively. Subscribers receive regular statements that provide detailed information about their NPS accounts, including the contributions made, the accumulated amount, and the performance of the investments. Additionally, the NPS is portable, allowing individuals to transfer their account from one sector or location to another, ensuring continuity and ease of access to their retirement savings.

6. Annuity Options:

At the time of retirement, subscribers are required to use a certain percentage of the accumulated corpus to purchase an annuity plan from an insurance company. Annuity provides a regular income stream to individuals post-retirement, ensuring financial stability during the non-earning years. The NPS offers multiple annuity options, allowing subscribers to choose the most suitable plan based on their requirements. This flexibility empowers individuals to tailor their retirement income to meet their specific needs.

7. Tiered Structure:

The NPS operates on a tiered structure, consisting of Tier I and Tier II accounts. While Tier I is a mandatory account with strict withdrawal restrictions, Tier II is a voluntary savings account with no withdrawal restrictions. This tiered structure provides individuals with the flexibility to save for specific financial goals while ensuring the long-term stability of their retirement corpus.

8. Corporate NPS:

The NPS extends its benefits to the corporate sector, allowing employers to offer the scheme to their employees. Corporate NPS provides a convenient and structured way for employees to contribute towards their retirement savings, while employers can contribute as well, enhancing the overall retirement benefits package offered by organizations.

9. Equity Exposure:

NPS offers the option of investing in equities, providing individuals with an opportunity to participate in the growth potential of the stock market. The equity component can yield higher returns over the long term, especially for young investors with a higher risk appetite. This feature allows individuals to diversify their investment portfolio and potentially generate substantial wealth for their retirement years.

10. Online Access and Management:

The NPS provides a user-friendly online platform that allows subscribers to access and manage their accounts conveniently. Subscribers can monitor their contributions, switch between investment options, and make additional contributions online. The online access ensures ease of management and empowers individuals to take control of their retirement savings.

11. Social Security Benefits:

NPS offers social security benefits to individuals, providing an additional layer of financial protection. The scheme allows subscribers to nominate their spouse or any other family member as a nominee, ensuring that in case of the subscriber’s demise, the accumulated corpus is transferred to the nominee, providing financial security for the family.


The National Pension Scheme (NPS) has become a vital tool for individuals to secure their financial future during retirement. With its flexibility, tax benefits, low-cost structure, professional fund management, transparency, and portability, the NPS offers numerous advantages to investors. The scheme empowers individuals to make informed investment decisions, tailor their retirement income through annuity options, and enjoy the benefits of equity exposure.

By leveraging the benefits of the NPS, individuals can take significant steps towards building a robust retirement corpus and ensuring a comfortable and financially stable post-retirement life. It is crucial for individuals to explore the NPS and consider it as a strategic investment option to maximize their retirement savings and secure their financial well-being in the long run.

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